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Stickerwall - self-adhesive PVC products

We are an authorized Stickerwall dealer in Ukraine. Our main goal is to provide high-quality products and act in the best interests of our customers. This is why our products are in demand and have so many positive qualities.

In addition to its high performance and technical characteristics, as well as its affordable price, the main advantages of the material include the ability to simplify many routine tasks and processes that occur during repairs, especially long-term and energy-intensive installation of various finishes. Installing our facings can be compared to applying stickers, as it is just as simple and quick.

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Advantages of Our Products

Our company provides high-quality materials for renovation and construction work. Our products include baseboards, 3D panels, wallpaper, puzzle flooring, and tiles. Each of them has its own unique features, but they all share the following advantages:

High Quality and Ease of Installation

Our products can be compared to stickers, which are not only easy to apply but also quick. Anyone can handle this task and position the product in the desired area. This saves time and effort, and the gluing process itself is enjoyable;


One of the main qualities that explains the popularity of our materials. The service life is **from 5 to 20 years**. This advantage allows you not only to enjoy the high technical and operational properties of the chosen model for a long period of time, but also to save money on buying a new one;

Wide Range of Products

The virtually unlimited choice allows you to give preference to any most suitable option from the whole range of those offered. In our online store, every customer will be able to find products that meet their personal preferences, expectations, and requirements. In addition to the variety of colors, including both neutral and classic shades and bright colors, the catalog presents decors aimed at imitating various materials. The most popular are wood, marble, and brick. Such stylizations are not only environmentally friendly but also profitable, as they allow you to save money on the purchase of natural elements. It is also worth noting the high-quality design, which makes it quite difficult to distinguish an analogue;


Our products are designed for everyone, including families with children. Even if a child, being in a hyperactive state, damages the material, it can be replaced. This is especially easy to do with puzzle flooring. In case of damage to one or several elements, they can be replaced with new ones without changing the entire floor;

Environmental Friendliness

Caring for health is one of the main rules that our company adheres to. The products are composed of completely safe ecological products for both humans and animals. This is confirmed by quality certificates;


We make sure that the finishing materials we offer meet all the requirements of our customers and are also affordable. That is why the price for them is much cheaper than other similar models.

Why Choose Us?

We are chosen for the following advantages:

We also provide fast and convenient delivery throughout the country.

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